Why Reclaimed is a Good Idea for Rags

Many industries have a need for shop rags in bulk. When you do need to purchase rags, taking the source, you use into consideration makes a world of difference. There are many reasons why some of the top suppliers for shop rags use reclaimed materials for their rags, among them being minimizing environmental impact.

What are Reclaimed Rags?

Reclaimed rags use recycled materials, instead of using new material. Even though the materials are recycled and renewable, they still hold up to quality standards. One of the best things about buying from companies that use reclaimed materials, too, is that most of these companies are dedicated to long-term relationships with their customers.

Industries These Rags Work For

A few of the types of professionals that use rags regularly include painters, janitors, and oil or gas professionals. There are some messes that are ill-suited to cleaning products that are reused, and that disposable products like paper towels will not handle properly. These rags fill a real need by providing efficient clean-up.

Access to Custom Solutions Matters

One thing that many people don’t bear in mind is that some needs are not met that easily with all products. Reclaimed rag providers usually offer a full range of other textile products that suit other needs. If you’re in a situation that may require more customized needs, these options are worth keeping in mind.

What Are Some of the Materials Often Reclaimed?

There are several types of material used in rags that range from lighter-weight options to fairly heavy-duty. Some of these include T-shirt material, terry toweling, and fleece. All of these offer maximum versatility for anyone that has heavy cleaning needs.

The Overall Environmental Effect

Reclaimed textiles put materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills to good use. Reclaiming these materials is a good way to both keep excess materials out of landfills and avoid the extra energy use required from manufacturing new textiles. When you make the decision to buy reclaimed materials, you’re making a positive impact on the environment and stopping the cycle of wasted materials.

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