Why Proxy Servers are Beneficial

Is privacy important to you and your customers? If so, a proxy server may be a worthwhile product for your business. A proxy server creates a masked IP address when anyone searches for that information. Having a masked IP address is like having a dummy phone number or a dummy home address.

While your server may say that it is located in Chicago or Los Angeles, the truth is that you could be in China or Laos. If you are located in a country that has strict Internet controls, the use of a proxy server could help sidestep those controls and funnel information to site visitors wherever they are in the world.

A proxy server may also be worthwhile because it may be easier to secure than a shared server. With SSL capabilities and other security measures available, you can rest assured that anything that comes across your server will not be intercepted by competitors or others who may use that information for their own gain.

You can find out more about proxy servers and the role that they play by going online and contacting a proxy server provider that you feel comfortable working with. For a low monthly or yearly fee, it may be possible to acquire a world class server regardless of how large or small your company is.

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