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We all know the Information Age has become firmly established in our business and everyday lives. With its establishment, the necessity for high power, broadband RF coaxial components to run the extensive fiber optic networks in use increases daily. Constant upgrades to the systems are required with every new electronic device introduced.
Coaxial Components
The importance of quality equipment is apparent to any average person who has connected a DVD player or game component to a television set. They are familiar with the cables and connectors. A poor connector or connection produces low quality visuals or audio. Therefore, it is easy to understand the difficulties a large company would have if it chose to use poor quality, or low-grade equipment to run its networks. As demand increases and networks continue expansion, the need for cutting edge technology of high power, broadband RF coaxial components will also continue to grow.

Mention cable and most people think of cable television networks, but coaxial wires and components are used for all types of video and audio communication signals. To prevent loss of signal, connectors have to be well designed and strong enough to prevent signal leaks between sections of cable. Connectors, such as coaxial directional couplers, filters, high power RF combiners, power dividers, and 180° hybrid RF combiners/dividers are manufactured by leading companies and can be found at online suppliers, such as this site www.werlatone.com.

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