Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandoment is a huge pain for e-retailers and can mean lost profits and sales. There are many theories on why customers visit sites, place items in the shopping cart and then surf away without making a purchase. By following a few tips, you can avoid shopping cart abandonment and capture all of your sales every time.

Provide Free or Flat Rate Shipping

Free shipping can mean all of the difference in making the sale. Customers may love your prices but hate the high shipping costs associated with it. If you entice your customer with a great bargain then blindside them with high shipping costs, they are likely to look elsewhere for a better deal. Disclose your shipping rates up front to keep your customer.

Make Checkout Easy

If shoppers have to jump through hoops in order to buy from you, they are likely to throw up their hands in frustration and leave. Create an express checkout option on your site that allows them to buy from you without creating an account or filling out additional forms. The more complicated your checkout process, the more likely customers are to abandon the cart and shop elsewhere. A simple layout, like the one designed by 1ShoppingCart is key to preventing shopping cart abandonment.

Make the Shopping Cart Accessible

If your customer has to hunt and search to find out what they have added to their cart, they are likely to surf away in frustration. Create a cart that is visible from anywhere on the site. Allow your customers to simply click on the cart and view a list of added items, and give them the option of adding, subtracting and changing item quantities.
Use thumbnails to reassure them that they have selected the correct items. Allow them to easily continue shopping without having to exit the entire shopping cart and start over.

Save the Cart and Follow Up

By using measures that will allow you to save each customer’s cart, you will give them a reminder of the products they selected on a previous trip to your site. Follow up with them and send them an email reminder that they have items waiting in the cart. Studies have shown that follow up emails are highly effective in converting browsers to buyers.

When it comes to getting the most from your online shoppers, having the right shopping cart technology is key. Build yours today.

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