Three Strategies That Can Facilitate Business Growth

While stagnation in the business sector is frustrating, growth is exciting and encouraging. If you’re determined to make business growth happen for your organization this year, you may find that implementing the following strategies will help you expedite the growth process:

1. Become More Technologically Proficient.

One strategy you can deploy to facilitate substantive business growth is becoming more technologically proficient. This strategy is effective because it empowers you to use technological systems, services, and products in a manner that expedites and optimizes the completion of work-related tasks that generate revenue or extend your organization’s sphere of influence. Note that teaching your employees how to buy commercial products via internet is one way to make the staff more technologically proficient. If your company makes use of replacement marine parts, note that you can buy these products online through companies such as Magna Marine Inc.

2. Start Using Social Media To Build Your Brand Online.

In addition to becoming more technologically proficient, make sure that you start using social media to build your brand in the internet domain. This technique will help ensure that you are consistently communicating with people in a casual yet dynamic way that keeps them thinking about your product or service line. Some of the social channels that you can start developing relationships with prospective clients through include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. One specific social media optimization (SMO) technique you might deploy is Twitter polls. In addition to helping you continually communicate with your target market, this technique will provide you with a research tool through which you can gain more information regarding how your audience feels about your brand. For example, you might ask a question like “Which of our coffee flavors do you like the most?” Some of the sample answers would be

A. Hazelnut
B. White Chocolate Mocha
C. Cinnamon
D. Vanilla

The answer can help you determine which flavors you might need to discontinue or produce in greater bulk!

3. Develop A Strong Meditation Practice.

One final technique that can help facilitate business growth is the development of a strong meditation practice. This technique works because it helps you develop your ability to remain focused and calm as you complete the daily tasks that will keep your company moving forward. One type of meditation you might consider trying is referred to as Vipassana Meditation. This modality is effective because it involves concentrating on your breath and maintaining a level of concentration that decreases the activity and agency of the “monkey mind.” Other forms of meditation you might want to try include Mettha Bhavana, Japa Mala, Guided Visualization, Zazen, and Mantra Repetition.


Business growth can happen if you implement the ideological, institutional, and/or individual changes necessary to generate the results you desire. Start using some or all of the strategies outlined above to ensure that you can keep your company on track to profound, ongoing business growth!

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