Security In Turnstiles

When you need a way to monitor how many people enter an area or you need to keep people safe while they are in a building, then consider using turnstiles. There are several kinds to choose from, many that can be installed in only a short amount of time. Turnstiles decrease the number of employees that are needed in the building, saving the company money. Many turnstiles are installed at carnivals and special events where there will be a high number of people entering at one time. They can help to only allow one or two people to pass through instead of everyone going through the entrance together.

Some turnstiles have a locking mechanism that will prevent anyone else from going through after one person. This is considered a tripod barrier. An optical barrier does the same job, but it doesn’t have the metal barriers, making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Some turnstiles have a tailgate detection. When someone tries to pass through with another, a signal will alert security officers. This type is ideal for offices and court houses. Full height turnstiles are good for warehouses that have deliveries of goods through the day. Click here for more information about various designs.

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