Science Fiction is Becoming Science Reality

There was a time when the idea of being able to speak with machines was nothing more than science fiction. It seems like starting in the 1960′s every time something was supposed to be futuristic it involved the ability to talk to machines. One of the more popular science-fiction action shows of the late 70′s and early 80′s featured a vehicle that was able to take audible commands and was able to respond audibly.

Most space adventures also featured the same idea. The heroes in these adventures would either speak into their watch, speak to a computer, or speak to a hologram that accompanied them on their adventures. Now, mankind lives in a time when what was once science-fiction has been transformed into science reality.

There are many companies that are pioneering the idea of digital recording and voice to text along with voice recognition. Companies like VoiceWare for example have servers that are able to gather large amounts of audio information and transcribe that information in an accurate way.

As the technicians behind voice to text technology and voice command technology learn more, the way people interact with technology will change. There are some individuals who have homes that are completely and totally automated. Their home responds to a complex list of commands that are given by voice. The vast majority of smartphones that are available are able to take voice commands and turn those into text or to perform the action that is desired by the phone owner.

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