Repairing Your Traxxas: Preventative Maintenance Only Goes So Far

Your Traxxas radio controlled vehicle isn’t like the cheap cars you can pick up at various electronic stores and hobby shops. This RC vehicle is an investment towards entertainment and possibly competitions and needs to be cared for with preventative maintenance. However, keeping everything operating smoothly can only protect your vehicle from regular wear and tear. What happens when carelessness damages your investment beyond what cleaning and tweaking can accomplish?

Repairs Beyond Duct Tape

When damage occurs, there may be a few things you might be able to repair using tools around you such as duct tape or perhaps a soldering iron. However, damage can be extensive to the point where replacement parts are your only option. Besides, makeshift repairs with tape can take away from the look and feel of the vehicle. Not every problem can be solved by finding parts around the home. For functional and proper repair, you need Traxxas Stampede 4×4 parts that are tailored specifically for your RC vehicle. For instance, you may be able to tape a center drive shaft that snapped. However, the tape could eventually weaken causing the shaft to come apart while in mid operation. Duct tape may be a sufficient fix for the here-and-now, but doesn’t offer the stability of a replacement part. Some of these drive shafts are sold as kits including the gears and bearings allowing you to replace the entire assembly. You never know what damage could have been caused to the other areas when the shaft broke in the first place.

No Damage is Too Much

As long as you’re determined to keep your vehicle operational, there is no such thing as too much damage. Using replacement parts, you can turn vehicles that have been completely crushed into operational RC masterpieces once again. The only aspect to a demolished Traxxas that may be difficult to replace is any customization you had made to the body or chassis. Of course this depends on the customization itself such as body paint or after-market conversions you’ve made. Otherwise, nearly anything can be replaced on the your RC vehicle. In fact, you may be able to purchase replacement parts that were better than the original units. This gives you time to make any improvements you want while repairing the Traxxas such as tires, battery types or other components you feel were less than adequate.

Although it’s ideal to practice preventative maintenance such as cleaning the mud off your Traxxas, there is no need to fret if someone backs over your RC truck with a life-sized car. Size up the damage and purchase the proper kits for what you need to repair. It may not cost as much as you think to get the Traxxas operational again.

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