Outsourced IT Support

Information technology continues to be a major function for small businesses. However, developing and maintaining a sufficient IT department can also be cost prohibitive for small owners. Since this critical business component can impact other strategic areas, hiring outsourced IT support is a viable solution.

More companies are experiencing the significant benefits of operating at more efficient levels without a full-fledged IT department. If you are on the fence about whether this is an effective approach for your company, here are a few things to consider.

Reduced IT Spending

Reducing the cost of IT investment is the main driver for the decision to outsource this important function. Many areas of your business where technology plays an important part can lead to significant savings. Even outsourcing email can produce noticeable savings for your company.

Additionally, operating and capital expenses could be reduced. You would not need to buy computer hardware and dedicate a large square footage area for a data center. Hiring IT professionals to manage the data center would not be necessary.

Stay Focused on Core Business Activities

While your IT support is outsourced, you can stay focused on core competencies that give your business a competitive advantage. Time, human and financial resources are used to meet the business goals that keep the doors open.

Access to Technology Experts

Unlike your company, IT is the core competency of the vendor you decide to hire. It is the vendor’s responsibility to have a trained and certified staff to properly support your needs. This gives you access to a team of experts in different IT technologies. Not only do you have access to the latest technologies, but you can get effective advice on purchases and upgrades as needed.

Reduce Risk of Losing Data

Technology is an expensive, but necessary, business tool. Making the wrong decisions on systems and/or upgrades can cost even more. Experience you get from a service provide help in making the right technical decisions. It will also help to ensure your business does not lose critical data on business processes and customer information.

Switching to an outsourced strategy means the IT provider you hire will have the proper tools to seamlessly transition the company to a new platform.

Malware and data breach occur far too often in the business world. Outsourcing IT services can help you reduce the risk of losing company data. Applying the appropriate defenses with monitoring, firewalls and security protocols is what these providers do for companies. When managed properly, outsourcing IT services brings many advantages to your company.

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