Open Scans Bring Physical Comfort and a Peace of Mind

Scheduling an MRI is essential for diagnosing an injury, but the thought of sliding into a small tunnel can be frightening. The good news is you have the option of asking your physician for an open MRI scan. The open machine is designed to bring you physical comfort and a peace of mind.

Space To Lie Comfortably

It is important to lie in a position that allows the MRI to scan the problem area, but this does not mean you have to feel uncomfortable during the procedure. You are going to start by lying on a cushioned table that slides into the open machine. The open space on each side allows you to shift into a more comfortable position. Your nurse or physician may provide tips for lying comfortably without disrupting the scan.

Easier To Scan The Target Area

There are cases when it is difficult to fit inside the closed MRI machine, and the restrictions can make it difficult to scan the area. It may even cause your physician to look for an alternative to an MRI scan. However, an open machine is designed to accommodate bodies of different sizes and types. This is due to the open design and body-weight capacity of the machine.

Reduces Feeling Of Claustrophobia

If you suffer from claustrophobia, the thought of sliding into an enclosed MRI machine is terrifying. You can reduce that fear by choosing an open machine for your procedure. The design of the machine only features a top and bottom area, and there are not any sides to create the tunnel that comes with a closed machine. You do not have to worry about feeling trapped inside a small space during an open scan.

There Is Always Communication

There is nothing like feeling alone during a medical procedure to increase your anxiety. You are never alone during an open scan because the technician monitors you throughout the procedure. You can also communicate with the technician using a speaker system. This allows you to ask questions, address concerns or alert your technician of any discomfort. There is something comforting about knowing someone is communicating and watching over you during a medical procedure.

There are many facilities and hospitals that are using an open machine instead of the traditional closed machine. The best part is you are still receiving an accurate diagnosis from your physician.

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