New Technology to Improve Your Homesteading Lifestyle

If you are interested in homesteading, it may be because you enjoy an old-fashioned existence, in which you can return to a slower, more agricultural lifestyle. However, the success of your homestead may, in fact, depend on the advances in modern technology. This is especially true if you’re living in an urban area, where efficiency and limited space are the rules. Don’t let your love of nostalgic living get in the way of your real homesteading success.

For example, if you’re caring for backyard chickens, there are now better pieces of technology that will make your chickens’ lives better. In the winter, you no longer have to worry about their water source freezing, thanks to electric water bottle heaters. You also don’t have to go out to care for them as frequently if you install an automatic door opener, allowing the chickens out into their run at a regular interval. You can even add timed lights inside of the chicken coop to simulate the effects of longer days, increasing their egg production in winter. Finally, advances in medical technology mean that your chickens can live longer, healthier lives, and give eggs for longer periods of time with less stress to their bodies.

If you can your annual harvests, technological advances in canning can also make your lives easier. Digital thermometers and other instruments help in the cooking process itself, which makes it easier to control the jelling of the recipe. While the jars are the same, new waterproof labels, like the ones produced by Custom Sticker Makers, make labeling your jars safer and more efficient. New pressure cookers are especially helpful for canning lower ph products while ensuring your family’s safety and health.

Technological advances in sewing machines also make repairing and creating your own clothes easier than ever. You don’t need the most expensive or newest model to enjoy the latest in developments either. Any model from the last decade will be up-to-date enough to be a huge improvement over the vintage machines. A lack of foot peddles and an automatic feeding mechanism make sewing faster without compromising quality.

Living off of the land can be a very fulfilling experience, but you don’t need to be a Luddite to succeed. Instead, take advantage of the new technological developments to make your new life easier and more effective, for a lifetime of happiness.

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