Is the Consolidation of Multiple Data Centers Safe?

Sensitive business data is one thing you want to guard against getting released to the wrong party. Many companies are opting to gather all critical data from various locations into one central storage unit. The right IT experts can make this process smooth, safe and provide the results you desire.
Consolidation Reduces Overhead Costs

Businesses with several locations are increasingly opting to combine data information into one large central location. This step reduces the need for IT personnel in each office. All needed data can be gathered and placed in one large data storage core that can be retrieved by the necessary personnel at any location. Modern storage servers and storage techniques make the retrieval of vital information possible in a mobile setting.
Provide Information Access to Multiple Locations

Once consolidation experts blueprint what your exact IT needs are, the work can begin to centrally locate the desired data. This can include sales and service records, employee files, benefits schedules, payroll and much more. One main location can be the home of data for the entire enterprise. The great part is that management form each location can easily access the information and add more, as necessary.
Optimize Data Storage Through Cloud Technology

The advent of cloud computing technology has opened up new worlds to data transfer, saving and protection. This is a technology that is designed to easily cater to companies that are both expanding, or reducing to save expenses.
Reduce IT Footprint

Having data scattered over several locations is both inconvenient and feels disorganized. The main hub office will no longer have to make contact with satellite offices to try and gather data they need to make important decisions. Everything will be within a few clicks of the mouse.
Save Critical Data When Closing Locations

Many companies are opting to close and combine locations to save valuable revenue. Clearing data systems can be done once the information is gathered into the main company storage center. All equipment can then be wiped clean at the locations that are shutting down permanently.

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