Increase Your Store Profits with Cell Phone Accessories

It wasn’t that long ago that when you needed a new charging cord or another accessory for your phone, your only option was a local cell phone store. You can now find those cords and dozens of other accessories in convenience stores, drugstores, video rental stores and even clothing shops. If you want to increase your profits and offer your customers more options, you might want to add some cell phone accessories to your shelves.

Charging Cables

When you buy a new cell phone, the manufacturer includes a charging cable in the box. Those cables are so small and lightweight though that many find themselves losing their original cable. Some people also leaves their cables on a city bus or at work, and others find that their pets chew through the cords. Charging cables now come in a wide range of colors, including hot pink, traditional black, soft white and neon green. You’ll also find plugs designed for use with those cables.

Covers and Screen Protectors

Most smartphones produced today feature a glass screen, and while some companies promise that the glass is strong enough for everyday use, most people find that the screen breaks or shatters when they drop their phones. The right covers and cases absorb the shock that occurs when you drop a phone, and some cases guarantee that phones won’t break when protected with a case. You’ll also find screen protectors designed to reduce scratches and smudges on the screen and to keep dust and lint from getting inside the phone.

Memory Cards

Though newer smartphones often come with a lot of memory, many shoppers find that they need additional storage space. Offering memory cards to your customers lets them add more memory to their phones and other mobile devices. If you want to offer a range of memory cards that work with more devices, you’ll want to buy from a cell phone accessories wholesale distributor. Distributors offer thousands of products for Samsung, Apple, LG and devices from other companies at wholesale prices that let you make more with each product you sell.

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