A few words about SEO analytics

As you already know, search engine optimization is a set of actions that are aimed at promotion of the website in search results. The extraction of requested results is carried out by search engines according to the ratings and topics. Search engines robots are responsible for this, if we are talking about the opportunities provided by free rating,of course. It is also possible to make a payment and get it all in the best way. In this case, the price is the only question.

SEO analytics is designed to promote the site in the most appropriate way, so that it would retain its rankings position for a long time, but not only until paid time expiration. This is the way you can make a quality resource, which will be constantly improving, getting new visitors and customers with minimal financial investments.

Toronto experts state that SEO involves a few basic steps that are applicable both at the stage of development and launching of an Internet resource, and after a certain time of its operation. The only difference is that in the first case the statistics of competitors, the experience of staff and other indirect data is used in the course of researches, while in the second case – current statistics for the previous period is carefully analyzed.

Here are the main work stages performed by Toronto SEO analysts:

1. Analysis and works planning to create or adjust the semantic core

2. Creation or modification of the semantic core according to the plans

3. Preparation and publication of materials on promoted web resource

4. Preparation and posting of SEO materials containing the links to the promoted website on third-party resources.

All these steps are designed to improve the quality of new users transitions from various web resources with the subsequent increasing of their number. And this is the main goal of any Internet project.

Analytics and planning of work on the creation or modification of a semantic core includes the whole scope of activities associated with the creation of the right list of the keywords, which will be the basis for further site promotion. SEO requests should be well integrated into the topic of the site. Toronto experts insist that SEO requests must attract targeted site visitors.

This is best illustrated by the following example. The site to be promoted is an online store selling plastic water pipes. If the texts will include the keys that indicate pipe specifications, then the visitors will come from the sector interested in this product technical characteristics, but not interested in the purchase. These kind of keywords is just a waste of time, which does not give sales. And the keys like – buy plastic water pipes – will attract fewer visitors, but they will bring more benefit. This method is called targeting the client, that is involving the target audience. All the further works are carried out according to the planned semantic core, which will lead more target (and in this case – more useful) visitors to the promoted Internet resource.

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